Kim Ridd started his lacrosse career at twenty years of age. After two years of playing junior lacrosse, Ridd was a first round draft pick of the St. Boniface Senior Clubs, developing into the classic power forward- big body, quick feet, strong move to the net, and most importantly the ability to score goals.

Encouraged by his friends he started playing junior with the Kelvin Terriers in 1972. That year the Terriers captured the Manitoba junior championship and went on to represent the province in the Manitoba- Saskatchewan play downs, While still a neophyte lacrosse player his work effort, attitude, and improving stick sticks lead to his call up to play with the senior Transcona North Stars, who captured the 1972 senior championship.

The turning point in his young career took place in 1973, when Kelvin captured the junior championship and were selected to present Manitoba at the Canada Games in Burnaby, British Columbia. It was at the Games that Ridd's eyes were opened to skills and abilities required to play lacrosse at a high level. This experience resulted in the solid defender committing to develop his ball handling skills. During 1973 season Kim was called up to play senior for the Transcona Northstar Inns, winning his second senior championship. Ridd's improving stick handling skills were becoming obvious, as the Winnipeg Free Press articles described his goal scoring exploits as "solo efforts".

The St, Boniface Clubs' first round draft pick in 1974 continued his improved play, finishing in the top 10 in scoring and being selected the Rookie of the Year. Ridd's hard driving determined style meshing well with the smooth ball handling of Bill Stearns, making them one of the most feared one-two punches in senior lacrosse. Combined with the pure goal scorers Dave martin and Ralph Watkins the Clubs went on to win their first league championship.

The scoring prowess of Ridd, Stearns, Martin, and Watkins bolstered defensively by the addition of North Enders, Bruce Kahler, John Berezyncky, and Tom Krywyczka allowed the Clubs to roll to their second senior championship in 1975. Ridd finished in the top five scoring that year.

From 1974 to 1982 game sheets and newspaper summaries are littered with accounts of the Ridd's "hat tricks" and the occasional five goal game. In '78 Kim capped his time with the St. Boniface Clubs with another senior championship. The twenty-four year old had won five senior championships in the 1970's- a feat not accomplished by any other player of the decade.

In 1976, Ridd was selected to represent Manitoba at the Presidents Cup (emblematic of the Canadian Senior B championship). The tournament, hosted for the first time in Winnipeg, was the strongest team Manitoba had fielded in years with a combination of experience, Harry Nightingale, Calvin Paul, George Sykes, John Schillinger, and Bill Crook and youth Ridd, Gary Bohonus, Mark Izzard, and Steve Zelinsky. Ridd contributed with strong defensive play and some offense punch scoring 2 goals twice during the tournament.

In 1983 a merger between Elmwood and St. Boniface created a new team in the senior league, the Elmwood Clubs (in the newspaper the team was often referred to as the Clubbers). Ridd continued is scoring ways with the new squad finishing in the top ten is scoring every year until 1988 and winning championships in 1983.

In 1985, Ridd tried his hand at field lacrosse and was selected represent Manitoba. The team captured the Victory Trophy emblematic of the division 2 National Senior Men's' Championship.

In his relatively short career of 23 years Ridd proved to be an offensive force, representing the province four times (winning a National field lacrosse gold medal), while capturing six provincial championships. This career makes him a worthy member of the Manitoba Lacrosse Hall of Fame.


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