Manitoba Lacrosse Hall of Fame & Museum Inc.

Mission Statement:  Our objective is to remember and recognize those who have brought honour and distinction to lacrosse in Manitoba as players, builders and teams.

Current Board of Directors

Tom Parker President tom.parker@lsrd.net 204-253-8431

Harry Nightingale Past President haruth@shaw.ca 204-667-4174

Doug Krochak First Vice President dkrochak@shaw.ca 204-632-5978

Glen Henkewich Second Vice President ghenkewich@shaw.ca 204-633-1502

John Schillinger Treasurer schill@mymts.net 204-663-4800

Laralie Higginson Secretary kimlar@xplornet.com 204-467-2859

Keith McLennan Manitoba Lacrosse Alumni mac157@mymts.net 204-793-0372


Allan Jacks Allan.Jacks@knowledgebureau.com 204- 792-7871

Tom Krywyczka Director t.krywyczka@shaw.ca 204- 669-9567

Barry Pradniuk Director bpradniuk@mymts.net 204- 295-2061

Jeep Wooley Director Jeep55@mymts.net 204- 389-5286

Chris Guimond Director chrisg@mfnerc.com 204- 898-3584

Kim Knowles Director kimlar@xplornet.com 204- 467-2859

Mark Kennedy Director Mark.Kennedy@starbuilding.ca

Serge Balcaen Director serge@pmc-insurance.com 204- 792-7871

Bill Klyzub Director bill.klyzub@bellmts.ca 204- 981-0543



During the early months of 2010, Len Morrow, Harry Nightingale and Butch Wozniak, after several phone conversations, met at Len's apartment to discuss the formation of a Provincial Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Morrow's experience with the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame was invaluable in fast tracking the Lacrosse Hall's beginning. The three men had the experience of the Hockey Hall's method of operation to use as a model. Nightingale's experience on the Selection Committee of the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum Inc. and that organization's Executive Director, Rick Brownlee being available for advice was also a benefit in starting the Lacrosse Hall. The then Executive Director of the Manitoba Lacrosse Association, Laralie Higginson, added major assistance in the formative months. The Manitoba Lacrosse Alumni donated $1000 as start up money for the Hallof Fame to use.

Several lacrosse people were approached to form the initial Board of Directors and the following met for the inaugural meeting on April 15, 2010 at Sport Manitoba: Len Morrow, Harry Nightingale, Butch Wozniak, Tom Parker, Gord Pottinger, Abe Pierson, and Ed (Brocki) Miedzybrocki. John Schillinger, working in Leaf Rapids, offered to serve as the Treasurer.

The following appointments were made at that meeting: Harry Nightingale - President; Butch Wozniak - First Vice President; Len Morrow - Second Vice President in charge of fund raising; John Schillinger - Treasurer, Legal - Ed Brocki; Historian - Gord Pottinger with the assistance of Abe Pierson. At a later meeting, Tom Parker was appointed as Chairman of the Selection Committee. After doing crucial legal work towards the incorporation of the Hall and forming the By-laws for the association, Ed Brocki passed away in the Fall of 2010. In June, Laralie Higginson offered to be our recording secretary with no voting rights due to her duties with the Manitoba Lacrosse Association. She later left that position with the association and the board decided that she be granted voting privileges. The Directors unanimously agreed that Doug Krochak and Larry Ziffle be added to the board and they joined for the March 17, 2011 meeting.

Coming in to Winnipeg from Leaf Rapids, Schillinger met with Nightingale to set up an account at the Assiniboine Credit Union. Using the legal information provided by Brocki, Nightingale was able to complete the paperwork for the incorporation and as of January 5th, 2011 it became official. After more paper work was done and sent to the Federal Government, the Manitoba Hall of Fame & Museum Inc., as of March 17, 2011, was registered as a Charity and receipts for income tax purposes could be issued.

Since the inception of the Manitoba Lacrosse Hall of Fame has made some incredible strides. The Board, through grants from the Canadian Lacrosse Foundation, and the Province of Manitoba, established an on line presence with the Manitoba Lacrosse Hall of Fame and Museum.

The Hall of Fame was inducted 9 Player Builders, 27 players, 16 builders, and 11 teams at ceremonies held in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018. The induction has grown from humble beginnings at the Elmwood Legion into a formal luncheon at the CanadInns.

The Hall of Fame also played a significant role in getting 2 Manitobans selected for the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame: Keith McClennan and Harry Nighingale. Both worthy members of the hall.

The Board, working in partnership with the Maples Recreation Association, has established a display at the Maples Multiplex honoring the 4 Manitobans selected to the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame: Dick Buckingham, Frank Hawkins, McClennan, and Nightingale. As well the display lists all inductees in the Manitoba Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

The Board was assisted with this work by a donation from the West Kildonan Curling Club. When the Club was dissolved, the executive of the Club donated $10,000 to the Manitoba Lacrosse Hall of Fame. This donation been used to sustain the Hall of Fame and it events.

If you would like to support the Manitoba Lacrosse Hall of Fame, you can become a member. Click on the membership tab.  You will have 5 options as to your level of membership. As of today the Hall has over 50 members.

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